Rhino User Meeting Zürich
Solutions for and from the Timber Industry

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On December 7, 2023, Design-to-Production is hosting a Rhino User Meeting dedicated to software usages in general and specifically in the timber industry: After an update from McNeel’s developers, 18 professionals will share their work, tools and thoughts in short presentations throughout the afternoon, followed with a social event around a drink. Our goal is to share about our common challenges and identify new ways to solve them, ideally learning something in the process !

Whether you are a timber contractor, project manager, software developer, cabinet maker, Rhino user (or not!), we are sure that you will find something to pique your interest and have a great afternoon !

The full program of the event with all details about the presentations and speakers can be accessed here.

Not convinced yet? Here is a short description of what is waiting for you.

The first session of 8 presentation focuses on Headless solutions for Rhino -the use of Rhino without its graphical user interface- with a focus on data exchange, scalability and automation.

  • Pedro Cortes from McNeel will explain how Rhino Inside can let Rhino work inside other software applications, and show some examples of how to use it.
  • Michael Brunner from Cadwork will show how Cadwork and Rhino can exchange data and work together, using Rhino Inside Cadwork and the Cadwork Python API.
  • Hanno Stehling will share how Design-to-Production uses Rhino3dm as a geometry kernel for webapp, standalone software and CAD plugin.
  • Lukas Fuhrimann from StructureCraft will demonstrate Crash, a plugin allowing multiple users to collaborate in real-time within Rhino.
  • Jeroen Coenders will show how Packhunt can help users create and share their own digital solutions using Rhino and Grasshopper, without having to code or install any third party software.
  • Daniel Christev from Design-to-Production will present the Turf Design tool, a Rhino plugin that automates the design and production of acoustic ceiling systems, and how it can be accessed from the web by Turf’s sales force.
  • Nora & Andrés from PAZ Academy Zurich will talk about how they help professionals approach and apply parametric design and integrated BIM practices to Timber design and construction.

The second session focuses on digital transformation solutions for and from the Timber industry. Designers, Engineers, Planners and Fabricators : the Timber industry is not a monolith. Yet, we do share common challenges and all strive to build better and more efficiently.

  • Edyta Augustynowicz from the BFH, will present the aDisposition research project, a modular timber construction approach for temporary and reusable rooms.
  • Giulia Curletto will explain how the Implenia’s in-house configurator uses location specific feasibility studies to enable the quick deployment of their prefabricated timber modules.
  • Stefan Rick from SJB will walk us through the making of the Wisdome Stockholm -a cutting edge LVL timber gridshell- structural model. Ursula Frick will talk about the Advanced Geometry Group approach at Blumer-Lehmann and the benefits and challenges inherent to digital fabrication for complex timber construction.
  • Hermann Blumer will share his formidable 54 years of engineering experience, his contribution to some of the most iconic timber buildings of the past 20 years and his vision for the future of the timber construction and software.
  • Adrian Scherrer and Fabien Peterman, respectively from Treppenbau.ch and Spearhead will each open their toolbox and show how they use Rhino and Cadwork to boost the efficiency of their design and fabrication processes.
  • Martin Pfundt and Moritz Niebler from Design-to-Production will close it up by sharing their experience working on the Stuttgart Seeblickweg, a pedestrian bridge composed of two 16 tons and 23 meter long monolithic timber elements, from the design to the production!

We would like to welcome you for this occasion to our office by the lake Zurich.

The Rhino User Meeting is by invitation/application only, as space is limited. Fill out this form to apply.

We wish you a wonderful day and hope to see you there!


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